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What's Happening in My Head?

We can quickly become confused and overwhelmed by the experiences occurring in life. We often allow negative thoughts to rule as if they are the boss of us. I'm here to tell you that your thoughts aren't the boss of you. It's okay to take a deep sigh of relief right now. Just because a thought enters our mind doesn't mean it is factual. Actually, it oftentimes is the exact opposite.

The thoughts that enter your mind can be managed effectively, thereby reducing their effect on your emotions and behaviors. If left to reign, your thoughts can lead to an increase in anxiety and depressive symptoms; as if we need any more negativity in our mind and body. Anxiety and depression can be debilitating if left to their own devices. The amazing news is that you have the power to assist in changing your thought life. Yes, you are not powerless to your thoughts.

I know that might be shocking, but you can consistently control your thoughts by implementing various strategies and skills that will help reduce anxiety and elevate your mood. Awareness of your thought processes is foundational to becoming the captain of your thought ship. Therefore, affirm in your life today that you are the captain of your thought ship! Be empowered today and take control of anxiety and depression so you can clearly answer the question regarding what is happening in your head!

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